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„Michal Trpák at the Sculpture Line Festival 2016”

As you are walking around the streets of Prague this summer you may notice many sculptures in strange locations. These are placed there for the “Sculpture Line Festival” of outdoor open air sculpture exhibition throughout the city. The Streets of Prague are decorated by sculptures of well known Czech and international artists/sculptures. During the sculpture festival “Sculpture Line” people can admire 24 installations at 16 different locations in Prague till 30th September 2016. Once again the sculptor, painter and festival curator Michal Trpák will be present.

Michal Trpáks "Shoshones and the others" await you at the Luka Lu Restaurant.

01. June - 30. September 2016 „Michal Trpák at the Sculpture Line Festival 2016”

16 different locations
in the inner city
of Prague

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Michal Trpák

The Czech Michal Trpák studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Prague and has been working as a freelance artist since 2007. Trpák is an extremely bustling man who takes care of more than just his own artistic work and its presentation at home and abroad.

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