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Feminin E 195,00 €

Feminin E

Bronze sculpture details

Precious blossoms are about to bend on their high, slender stalks and gently bow. And they are like sisters: they resemble one another, yet each exudes an allure all its own – the allure which makes each of them unique, a chosen one. The feminine torsos prototypically stand for the dream of physical perfection. At first glance, their behaviour appears tartly bizarre, but just note the somnambulant certainty with which the artist, seemingly in but a few flicks of the wrist, formed this stunning elegance, this unique feminine grace.

Edition in bronze, cast using the lost wax technique, chased and patinated by hand.

Kind bronze
Production technique Lost Wax Technique
Genre Figurative

Volker Scheurer

After a sculptor apprenticeship, Volker Scheurer visited the school for stone formation in Freiburg at Breisgau, he graduated with a masters title in sculptor. Since 1990, he works as a freelance sculptor.


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Bronzefigur Feminin E von Volker Scheurer