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Winter vernissage in Süßen

Edition Strassacker sent out invitations on Saturday, 7 November, to a winter vernissage right where the art is created – at the gallery and art foundry in Süssen. EXPERIENCE ART AT FIRST HAND was the motto – and true to these words, it turned out to be a very extraordinary evening.

In the course of the vernissage, our guests had an opportunity to experience the creation of art at first hand. The more than twenty artists on hand provided insights into their work in a personal dialogue. At the same time, there was an opportunity to experience the individual steps of expert craftsmanship live in the workshops of the Kunstgießerei Strassacker art foundry.


The high point of the vernissage was the creation of a joint artwork entitled “Winter Warmth”, which was thereafter put up for auction and brought in € 4,500. The proceeds went to the in-patient hospice in Göppingen.

All this was made possible to Günter Schwarz, who bought the joint artwork at the auction. Now it has found a place for itself in the offices of ETG Entsorgung- + Transport GmbH & Co. When he received his invitation to the vernissage, Günter Schwarz at first thought nothing of it, and at the vernissage itself there was only a 2m x 2.40m blank canvas hanging on the wall. “Then it started at € 500, and at first I only watched,” Schwarz reports. When he learned that the proceeds of the auction were destined for the hospice, he spontaneously decided to join in.

Impressions of the evening


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