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Karl-Ulrich Nuss (1943)

The son of sculptor Fritz Nuss (1907-1999), Karl-Ulrich Nuss spent his childhood amidst artists and, in particular, works of art. The collection his father started, consistently continued by the son, today fills its own museum in Strümpfelbach near Weinstadt and is considered an important collection of late regional art history.

So Karl-Ulrich Nuss' path seemed predestined. First, however, he trained as a chaser at the state vocational school of the precious metal trade in Schwäbisch Gmünd before starting his studies in fine arts at the Academy in Nuremberg (with Hans Wimmer); his next step took him to Berlin (1966-1970) where he first studied with Joseph Lonas and then with Bernhard Heiliger, sometimes as a student in his master class. Nuss has been working as a freelance sculptor since 1970. In 2004, the state of Baden-Württemberg awarded him the title of professor.

Karl-Ulrich Nuss' primary métier is large sculptures, and thus he is represented by a large number of sculptures in public spaces. The best-known of these is probably the Pied Piper fountain in Hamelin, which Nuss completed in 1975 and which has long become the town's landmark. Additional fountains and large sculptures from his hand can be found in Stuttgart, Plochingen, Reutlingen, Weinstadt and elsewhere. Karl-Ulrich Nuss' work has been distinguished in a large number of solo and group exhibitions, and is also found in major public collections. However, Nuss also has 39 sculptures from the workshop of his father Fritz, of his own and from that of Christoph Traub, a grandson of Fritz Nuss, in his Sculpture Garden in close proximity to Weinstadt near Stuttgart, where they are permanently accessible. And one of his works has even been through the hands of many Germans, since he designed the 2 DM coin bearing the likeness of Theodor Heuss.


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